WasserWeg Schildautal

Length: 2 km
Duration: 1 hour
Starting point: ‘Am Brillteich/Winkelsmühle’
Difficulty: easy


Logo WasserWeg
Logo WasserWeg

Water is considered to be the primary source of life: for people, animals, flora and fauna. This element plays an important role in the natural reserve of the Silberhohl. Get to know more about drinking water, the protection of the environment, as well as the different habitats of the rare animals and endangered plants at the Silberhohl.

The route begins at the former Pumpstation Winkelsmühle. On the way, you pass the 40 metres deep Kreienborn I spring and the Kreienborn II. After the pumping station you turn left and hit on the 100 metres deep Kreienborn III. The water of the three springs is very clean and contains many minerals. Keep going straight forward for another 600 metres. On the right side, slightly hidden between trees and bushes, you see the Teufelsbrunnen (devil’s spring). After crossing the ‘Wroxenbach’, which has its origin in the nearby Harz mountains and flows here into the Schildau, you will come to the ‘Heidteich’. The way now bows to the left to the ‘Schlackenteich’, which name comes from the smelting, which has taken place in this area. Continue your way and then reach the ‘Pedelschen Teich’ and enter the natural reserve ‘Silberhohl’.

The Silberhohl is a 7000 year old sinkhole which is covered by an 11 metres thick moor layer. At the next turn keep left and go straight on after the Schildaubrücke. Then you come to one of the Pegelmessstellen, where changes in the ground water are checked. A bit further one reaches a well. Here you can refresh yourself without hesitation. Now turn right and you are back at the starting point.

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