Circular walk 7

Length: 11 km
Duration: 4 hours
Mark: red circle with triangle, No. 7
Starting point: car park In der Dehne
Difficulty: medium

Blick auf Herrhausen
Blick auf Herrhausen

From the car park In der Dehne walk up the Dehnestraße to the Dehneplatz. Here you turn into the forest road on your left. At the next junction; turn left again and proceed on a narrow forest path, the ‘Sieben-Hügel-Weg’. You follow this path up to the junction ‘Schwarzer Weg’, go further up to the Nönnekenberg (462m). On top you can enjoy a magnificent view.

From here you go right and up to the ‘Sautals-Köpfen’ (505m), also called the Prussian Triangle. This name comes from the border point of the former Brunswickian/Hanoverian border. Here also is a Köte, a conical shaped shelter hut of the former charcoal burners.

The path leads you further through the thick spruce forest and the Forststrasse over Streithorstweg in the Asseketal. Follow the way up to the Hungerbornstraße. From there you can see the so-called ‘Katzensteine’, catshape-like rock formations. Proceed and you will reach another shelter hut. From here you will go back again over the Dehneplatz and Dehnestraße to the starting point.