Circular walk 4

Length: 2.0 km
Duration: 1 hour
Mark: blue circle with triangle, No. 4
Starting point: car park at the hiking hut Neckelnberg, Lautenthaler Straße
Difficulty: easy


The walk begins at the hiking hut Wanderhütte Neckelnberg. Numerous traditional events of the Harz Club branch association Seesen take place here. During the summer months on Sundays the volunteers take care of the welfare of hikers, but of course also the welfare of all other visitors. For the little lovers of nature there also is a playground. From the car park at the hut the route goes in the direction of the Landstraße (L516). Cross the Schildau Bridge immediately on the left side of the street and follow the way along the stream Schildau.

On the left side you will find a view on the Neckelnberg (591m). Go further through the marvellous deciduous and coniferous forest until you reach a wooden bridge across the Schildau after about 1 kilometre. You cross the bridge and follow the Schildautalstraße downhill back to the starting point.

Close to the bridge some boundary stones mark the former border between the dukedoms Brunswick and Prussia. From the car park you can see the Hausschildberg where once the castle of the Winzenburger stood. From there a steep hill leads to the ruin of the Hausschildburg (marking: blue point).