Circular walk 3

Length: 5 km
Duration: 2 hours
Mark: yellow circle with triangle, No. 3
Starting point: car park at the Wilhelmshöhe
Difficulty: medium

Blick auf die Stadt
Blick auf die Stadt

From the car park by the Wilhelmshöhe the trail first leads you up a part of the Herzog-Wilhelm-Schneise. Duke Wilhelm the Younger (1482-1495), who ruled the country of Wolfenbütte (to which Seesen belonged), also maintained the so-called "forest places" and used the wood for his smelters. To honour him, one still finds roads and squares in Seesen named after him.

Follow the Herzog-Wilhelm-Schneise until the Harzrandweg branches off on your left and enjoy the wonderful view on the estate. After about 1.5 km, at the junction to the Langen-Wiesen-Weg you leave the Harzrandweg again and go uphill on the Langen-Wiesen-Weg and the Füllerbornsweg back to the Herzog-Wilhelm-Schneise.

Finally you go past the former cafe of Hölscher, built in 1912, and then you reach the starting point at the Wilhelmshöhe again.

Nowadays the former café of Hölscher with its wonderful view can be rented for parties. Contact: Elisabeth Paetz-Kalich (Tel.:  +49 5381 5967)