Circular walk 2

Length: 7 km
Duration: 3 hours
Mark: red circle with triangle, No. 2
Starting point: car park Granetal
Difficulty: medium

Tränkebachhütte © Tränkebachhütte im Tränketal
Tränkebachhütte © Tränkebachhütte im Tränketal

Circular walk 2 starts at the car park in Granetal as well. From there it goes up the Granetal and on the right into the Schnapstalstraße. Proceed a short while along the stream to the Tränkebachhütte. The hut was built in 1954 by the Harz Club as a mountain hut. Here you can take a break and refresh yourselves in the spring. Also the Harz hiking-pin stamp point No. 104 is here.

The walk goes downhill for about 1.5 km and in the Tränkebachtal you pass the Eickmühl (428 m) as well as the sinkholes and reclamations of medieval mining activities. On the Eickmühl, a hilltop situated to the west of the ‘Hausschildburg’, you can still see the remains of a 175 metres long rampart.

At the end of the Tränkebachtal on the left you can climb the castle ruins ’Hausschildburg’ over a dead end path. The castle was presumably destroyed during the Thirty Years War. However, the foundation walls of the donjon, the curtain wall and the gate are still recognizable. For the protection against enemies, the castle was surrounded by ditches and ramparts.

To remain on Circular walk 2, return using the same route after you have seen the castle ruins. In the valley you will come across the Schildau stream again and follow it to an open space, a former stone quarry. There you cross the L516 and a footbridge to get to the Forellenstieg. At a rock ledge on the left side you see the stone tablet in remembrance of captain Spazier, co-founder of the Harz Club (founded in 1886 in the Ratskeller in Seesen). At the Forellenstieg-bridge you cross the street and you are at the car park again.