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Burg Sehusa 2
Burg Sehusa 2

Discover history – Dinner in style – comfortable accomodation

“Surprises always happen where you aren’t expecting them”. With this quotation by Wilhem Busch, the famous author and former Seesen citizen, we invite you to discover our town at the western foot of the Harz mountains.

Let the beautiful landscape, the friendly people and the history of the town, with her numerous sights enchant you.  Walk in the footsteps of great personalities and return to your childhood with the exciting stories of Wilhelm Busch.



... for the cultural minded
The annual Historienfest - the Sehusa Fest - is Lower Saxony’s biggest historical event, reviving 1000 years of the history of Seesen. Lots of concerts, exhibitions in museums and in the former hunting castle of the dukes, but also the proximity of major highlights in the Harz promise: Seesen is living culture and history!

 ...for families
Play and fun in the Sehusa Wasserwelt (‘water world’) with a gigantic water tunnel. And if you want to escape the city-life for a day you can go to the large Steinway-Park with a children’s playground and adventure for the whole family.  In and around Seesen you will find lots of possibilities for a fantastic holiday!

..for the adventurous person
Whether you want to enjoy the curvy roads in the Harz on your motorbike, climb the Harz mountains by MTB or experience nature with the extensive walking paths: Seesen is the starting-point for lots of attractive routes for the adventurous person!

..for the wellness seeker
The Schildautal-Klinik in Seesen is the largest hospital with a specialisation in Neuro- and Artery-surgery in the region. Ambulant physio- and ergotherpeutical treatments are given here on recipe. As a bonus the family of the patient is offered the possibility of a pleasant stay in Seesen. Seesen makes you feel good!

Come visit us and experience Seesen.
We’re looking forward welcoming you!