Drivers will find a variety of, mostly, free parking facilities in the town centre of Seesen. In an attractive town centre location, you can park for free on one of the 1.000 car lots for short-stay and long-stay parking. Close to the town centre you find another 800 long-term car lots. For the use of the short-term car lots in the town centre you only have to place the parking disc behind the window screen of the vehicle. Some long-stay car lots in the town centre acquire a parking fee.

In the street "Am Markt", in the immediate vicinity of the town centre, there are car lots which require a parking fee for a maximum of 10 hours. The modern parking ticket machines admit two ways of payment. With euro-coins, generally accepted in parking ticket machines, you make a pre-payment for the expected parking duration. However, the machines also offer real time payment by means of "mobile phone parking" (for further tips see below). The parking fee is 0.10 EUR per started 10-minute parking time.

In the private multi-storey parking garage, located in the Bahnhofstraße, cars may be parked at the lower levels up to 2 hours free of charge. The upper levels of the parking garage can be used by long-term parkers all-day, free of charge.

At the railway station there is a large P + R (Park & Ride) from which you can continue your journey by train or bus, e.g.  in the Seesen Town Bus - the "Lila Linie". With the "Lila Linie" hospitals, homes for the elderly, schools and residential areas are easy to reach. The Town Bus is designed as a low coach to offer as much comfort while getting in and out as possible.

Signposts show the drivers the way to the parking zones, the multi-storey parking garage and the P + R.

You find information about mobile phone parking at