Steinway Park

Those looking for peace and quietness find their way at the Steinway Park. The park was founded by the famous Seesener William Steinway and eventually named after him. Stroll along the five ponds and discover the rich flora and fauna. On a tree adventure tour you will learn interesting facts about the different tree species.

Enjoy the frequent events in summer on the outdoor stage. Next to the car park there also is an adventure playground for the kids. The Kurpark is located at the town exit Lautenthaler Straße (Granestraße).


Fitness and active course

Thanks to the funding by the Lower Saxony Lotto Sports Foundation, Seesen sponsors and the builder’s yard of the town Seesen, a new fitness and active course was inaugurated early 2010 in the Steinway Park. The course is an enrichment for the Steinway Park and can be used by inhabitants and visitors of Seesen. Especially the location of the park makes it the ideal place for sports and healthy activities.

The beautiful old trees and the forest purify and refresh the air, so that specific exercises for the muscles of the back, legs and shoulders can be done in the best conditions. The devices are easy to handle and can be used in normal clothing and by people of all ages. There are instructions on each device. It is ‘all-weather equipment’, which of course is TÜV tested on safety.

Because the park is an oasis of calm and the children's playground is very close, a meeting place for young and old has been created, providing the grandparents the opportunity to have a nice time with their grandchildren, to have fun and to stay fit.

You are free to use the chess tables. You only have to bring your own chess pieces and a chess partner. In this perfect idyll, you can join spirit and soul and charge calmness and energy.

Parcours Kurpark