Ratskeller (town council basement)

The right to brew was granted to the town by Duke Otto of Göttingen in the 1428 privilege. In return for this source of income, the town had to deliver fortifications, arms and soldiers.

The brewery of the upper town, the today's Ratskeller, was built in 1592 as a brewery and wedding house by the brewer's guild. The old town hall at that time was part of the building complex and stood opposite to the Ratskeller. The building burned down in 1673 and in the fire all the acts and documents of the town hall were destroyed. The magistrate and his officials moved to the old brewery and wedding house. On the second floor the council meetings took place, the lower floor still served as a local brewery and Ratskeller.










In 1886 the Harz Club was founded in the Ratskeller. This society with about 90 branch associations is the biggest homeland, hiking and nature conservation alliance of the Harz.