Burg Sehusa (castle)

Burg Sehusa








The castle Sehusa is first mentioned in a charter in 1282 and was built as a Guelph's castle. The today's castle Sehusa, whose tower is the landmark of the town, has been renovated several times since the 15th century. Behind the castle Sehusa the rests of the medieval walls can be seen. The coat of arms at the entrance of the stair tower refers to the completion of the main building in 1592. The upper half-timbered construction with its turrets (former ‘Official house’) was completely destroyed in a fire in 1664. The side wings originate from 1870 and 1885.

Interesting characteristics: The wall thickness of 2.75 metres in the ground floor decreases down to 1, 25 metres on the third upper floor, the Renaissance-stair tower with ‘Welch bonnet’ owns highly oval, baroque framed windows. Today the seat of the district court is here; unfortunately sightings are not possible.

Historical Sehusa festival


Every first weekend of September the legendary Sehusa Fest takes place. It’s the biggest historical event of Lower Saxony with more than 1000 participants.