Alte Schreibschule (old writing school)

Alte Schreibschule

The Alte Schreibschule lies in the oldest part of Seesen. The building was established around 1670 opposite to the St Vitus Church. A school presumably stood on this location before. It was destroyed by one of many fires.

At that time the connection between school and church was not only based on the proximity of both buildings. The town was not allowed to appoint a teacher who was not checked and approved by the consistory of the duke. The job was only interesting as a springboard for a preacher appointment because of the low wage.

Because of the growing population the school became too small. Even rented private houses could no longer fulfil the need. In 1842 a school was finally built against the tower of the former St Vitus Church, only to be pulled down again in 1977. Nowadays the old writing school is one of the oldest buildings of the town and is being used by various associations.