Walking trails

Wandern 2

Besides numerous attractions and great personalities, Seesen also offers a magnificent landscape. Stroll along the "green windows" and enjoy nature. The varied path leads you through forests, fields and meadows. Numerous animal and plant species have their habitat along the trail and give you an unforgettable experience.

Below you will find more information on the Seesen walking trails:

Circular walk “Grünes Fenster“

Wasserweg Schildautal

Circular walk 1

Circular walk 2

Circular walk 3

Circular walk 4

Circular walk 5

Circular walk 6

Circular walk 7


Starting points of the walking trails

1 Schützenplatz
2 Bahnhofsvorplatz
3 in der Dehne
4 Wilhelmshöhe
5 Granetal
6 Wanderhütte Neckelnberg


Ausgangspunkte der Wanderungen  


Wanderbare Vielfalt
A summary of all information on these routes you will find in the brochure ‘Wanderbare Vielfalt - Seesen´s Wanderwege’. The brochure can be obtained for free at the Tourist Information Office and the Stadtmarkting Seesen eG (Jacobsonplatz 1). Or you can download the brochure here:  Wanderbare Vielfalt [PDF: 2,8 MB]

Circular routes around Seesen (only partly marked, hike with a map)

from Seesen to ... and back    
Münchehof 15 km         
Car park Dehne
Neuekrug-Hahausen 17 km Wilhelshöhe
Lautenthal 21 km Car park Granetal
Bad Grund 22 km Car park Dehne
Bad Gandersheim 24 km Car park Schützenplatz
Stauffenburg 24 km Car park Dehne 
Wildemann 27 km Car park Granetal
Wolfshagen 27 km Car park Granetal
Gittelde 29 km Car park Dehne
Hahnenklee 31 km Car park Granetal
Windhausen 32 km Car park Dehne
Langelsheim 33 km Wilhelmshöhe
Clausthal-Zellerfeld 36 km Car park Dehne
Goslar 43 km Car park Granetal

Regional destination routes (only partly marked, hike with a map)

Seesen – Hahnenklee 15 km Car park Granetal
Seesen – Lamspringe 17 km Car park Schützenplatz
Seesen – Goslar 19 km Car parkGranetal
Seesen – Clausthal-Zellerfeld 29 km Car park Granetal
Seesen – Altenau 29 km Car park Granetal
Seesen – Osterode 29 km Car park Dehne
Seesen – Bad Harzburg 32 km Car park Wilhelmshöhe
Seesen – Alfeld 34 km Car park Schützenplatz
Seesen – Herzberg 35 km Car park Neckelnberg
Seesen – Torfhaus 40 km Car parkDehne
Seesen – Bad Lauterberg 50 km Car park Dehne