One of the most popular sports is cycling. In and around Seesen there is a wide range of extended and diverse routes. The tours take you through charming foliage and fir-woods, mountains and valleys. Your efforts however will be rewarded with a magnificent view over the Harz.

Bicycle tours around Seesen

Around Seesen, the administrative district Goslar has marked two bicycle tours. Maps can be obtained for free in the tourist information as well as at the Stadtmarketing Seesen eG.

Route 1 (24 km)
Seesen - Neuekrug - Hahausen - Rhüden - Bornhausen - Seesen
Starting point: Ecke Hodagswinkel / Braunschweiger Straße

Route 2 (18 km)
Seesen - Kirchberg - Münchehof - Herrhausen - Seesen
Starting point: Wilhelmsplatz

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Zweiradshop Kohlstedt
Bismarkstrasse 7
38723 Seesen
+49 5381 35 06

Strecker Siegfried Rad u. Angel
Linnenstr. 1
38723 Seesen
+49 5381 55 07

H. Bleckmann
Katelnburgstr. 16
38723 Seesen / Rhüden
+49 5384 / 10 22

Further Routes

Seesen is a part of the Harzrundweg and also of the  European cycling route R1 (D-Route 3)